Best and Worst Customer Service in UK… (and a bit about Linux)


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A couple of recent customer service experiences I’ve had recently….

  1. Nationwide Building Society (Direct)- Their online mortgage application service and subsequent phone based customer services is definately the worst customer service I have ever seen. How can a mortgage application take from March to August to complete, when there are no special circumstances at all, just NationwideBS Customer Service incompetence?
  2. Nationwide Building Society (Local branch) - being a geek I’d much rather do stuff online than talk to a real person. Sad but true. However, in desperation, after an email and complaint letter got no response, I went into local (Lancaster) branch to see if they could do something to sort my mortgage out. The service was excellent. I was always phoned back (sometimes an hour late, but that can slip), and they sorted the problem within 3 days. Nationwide Direct couldn’t sort it after 3 months. Well done Emma!
  3. Computer Manuals - Looks like Linux is starting to reach Critical Mass. I spotted 3 separate mags devoted to Linux in WHSmiths this lunchtime. I’ve had a play with Ubuntu, but soon get out of my depth when trying to integrate it with Windows. I needed to take a learning shortcut, instead of the most effective, but lengthy trial and error methods that have served me well so far in life. Local Waterstones had the 7th edition of Linux for Dummies in stock. It looked to be pitched at the level I was after, but the one copy in stock looked like it had been run over by a truck (if you’re gonna freeload in bookshops, at least take care of the merchandise). Amazon UK only list the 6th edition, so a quick google, and ordered it from Computer Manuals (they’re the ones at every tech event I’ve ever been to). Saved £3, opted for Slow But Free delivery, and to my surprise, got the book the next day. Well done Computer Manuals (