Head Tracking Update



Well, I’ve got head tracking working. I hope to add some pics soon, but for now, here’s what I used.

  • Wii remote
  • 250g of Polymorph off ebay made into a WiiMote mount for the top of my monitor
  • the program Freetrack, MUST be Earlier 2.2 versions have a bug in the FSX code
  • A bluetooth dongle. I’ve tried 3, and the most reliable is a Trust BT-2100p (model 15076) which uses the Toshiba bluetooth stack. It was mentioned in the reetrack compatibility list
  • A USB headset
  • 3x IR LEDs
  • 1x 10ohm resistor
  • Insulation tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • A short piece of wire coat hanger
  • A spare USB plug and lead which I used to power the LEDs
  • Lot of experimentation to get the callibration working well in FreeTrack

The only problems I have is with the Bluetooth dongle often disconnecting, then reconnecting. Once it starts doing this, only a reboot seems to cure it. I haven’t had time for investigation, but it may occur after the PC has been in standby/hibernation – or, like many windows driver problems, it could be apparently random. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out, or find another dongle that is more reliable.