See How It Flies



To a flight simmer, flying an aircraft may at first seem to be an easy task. Throttle up, gain speed, pull back on the stick and take off. Moving the stick left or right makes you turn… left or right. Easy! Yes, as long as everything is working as it should and you’re in perfect weather conditions. Add some crosswind, or an engine out in a twin, and it becomes more complex.

see how it flies

I’ve just discovered See How It Flies – which looks to be a superb free resource on how to fly a plane, combined with how a plane flies.

Reading up on flight theory may be a turn off to a casual simmer, but from my reading of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X for Pilots: Real World Training
book, a little theory can really add to the whole experience.

The diagram shows how the author of See How It Flies explains the interaction between theory and practice. Here, both theoretical and practical aspects are required to become a good pilot – they support each other, and feed off each other.

If want a simulation experience instead of a game experience – go check it out.